Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria is a producer of Power Transformers and Tap Changers with more than 60 years of experience.
The factory is built in the distant 1949 under the name “Vasil Kolarov” and is improving and developing to this day.
In 1997 Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd., Electro Electric Systems took over the Bulgarian state owned Elprom-Trafo Company which has been well-known manufacturer of Power Transformers and Tap Changers. The heritage of the Bulgarian company is - well educated human resources, developed technology and know-how regarding particular branches of industry were the basement for successful beginning of Hyundai Heavy Industries Korea in order to generate more competitive power of the Bulgarian manufacturer. In 2001 the company reached the standards of the mother-company and its name has been changed to "Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria" JSC (HHIB in short).
One of the most important activities of the company and company management since 1997 have been related to the sales abilities, entering new markets, development of new business partners and clients, creating the image of the company as extremely reliable, highly efficient and competitive supplier of Power Transformers, On Load and Off Circuit Tap Changers which are HHIB's main advantages. Reliable operation of company products is proved in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America.
The management paid special attention for improving labour safety, providing healthy work conditions and environment by continuous investments in equipment and machines. Some production and administrative premises were newly built or entirely renovated. Sufficient amount was invested for improvement of quality and production capacity. Thanks to this activity company management succeeded to increase turnover three times for the last five years. Employees of the Bulgarian company are regularly trained in HHI Korea in order to coordinate technical standards, quality programs, business plans and other components of the two company policies concerning international markets and entering strategies.
HHIB has an ambitious development program for 2017 whose target is increase the capacity of the transformer production unit and to increase the number of the already developed types of Tap Changers based on vacuum interrupters which will be a guarantee for the future growth of the tap changers market share.
In 2009 the company won a project granted by European Funds for improvement of competitiveness of large enterprises.
The management continuous endeavor for innovation and challenge for the future requirements are the main engines to guarantee the betterment of the company.

Jae Cheol Yang

Managing Director
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria
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